CPT Pamela Barnett, (Ret.): Officer's Oath is an inspiring American story of faith and commitment to our country and to truth and justice

CPT Pamela Barnett, (Ret.)
July 10, 2012

Officer's Oath is an inspiring American story of faith and commitment to our country and to truth and justice.  Terry took a solemn oath  similar to the members of Congress - TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.  

The stark difference is that Terry has honored his oath and EVERY member of Congress has dishonored their oaths in allowing the non NATURAL Born Citizen, document forger, and fraud aka Barack Obama to even enter the White House.

I very much appreciated reading Terry's story.  This book represents that man I have come to know and respect.   My own ongoing book endeavor as mentioned in the book is "Unlawful President" and actually has the words "Never Vetted" before them.  My book spotlights that presidential candidates do not have to undergo a background check of any kind and do not even have to prove they are legally able to work in the United States.

Because of this lack of vetting of Obama, Terry had every right as a military officer to ascertain whether his orders were being generated from a lawful Commander in Chief/President as our Congress did not use the power they had to vet and/or deny Obama the presidency for not being a NATURAL Born Citizen through his own admission of having a foreign national father.  

Terry and his family made a huge sacrifice to defend their/our country and its Constitution. Thank You.  

As stated on the cover in yellow I fully support that "Every Voter Should Read This Book Before The Election" because the American old stream media including "conservative" outlets is filled with nothing but pro Obama propagandists and apologists. The book is well written and engrossing.

The fight goes on at to stop aka Obama from being in the White House another 4 illegal years, and with Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse and their work of proving aka Obama's birth certificate and draft card to be forgeries. People within are federal government and Hawaii governments are committing fraud crimes to cover for this imposter global criminal Obama.

The fight goes on at

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