D. Fredrick: LTC Lakin and Jack Cashill are both first-rate.

D. Fredrick

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LTC Lakin and Jack Cashill are both first-rate. As author of The Obama Timeline, I have spent thousands of hours researching Obama's past and am quite familiar with both LTC Lakin and Mr. Cashill. You will find this an inspiring "good read." Ignore the reviews by Obamatons who not only have not read the book, but who have no intention of ever reading any book critical of the thug-in-chief.

For the record, U.S. Army officers swear an oath of allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, NOT to the always temporary occupant of the White House. Those who loosely toss out the word "traitor" should understand that placing any man - in the Oval Office or not - above the U.S. Constitution is traitorous.

Bravery can be demonstrated in battle, and it can also be demonstrated by actions that put one's livelihood and career at risk. Placing devotion to the law of the land above himself, LTC Lakin lost far more than most Americans would ever consider placing at risk. While millions of Americans seem willing to sacrifice essential liberties for free strep throat tests and birth control pills, LTC Lakin placed principle above safety. That is heroic.

I encourage Americans to write Mitt Romney and call on him to issue a full pardon for LTC Lakin. Romney may be unwilling to accept that Obama is an illegal president, but he should at least be willing to accept that an American patriot should not be punished simply for asking questions. When Bill Clinton left office he issued pardons to FALN terrorists and tax cheats like Marc Rich. When Obama leaves office he will likely act even more shamefully. Let's hope Romney enters the White House with a pardon for a U.S. Army officer on his agenda, rather than a pledge to free Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo.

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This site provided support for Terry's early legal action and through the court martial.