Daria Novak: This book leaves me asking many questions about our country

Dariah Novak
Candidate for Congress

I just finished reading "Officer's Oath: Why My Vow to Defend the Constitution Demanded that I Sacrifice My Career," and was very impressed with the quality of the book and the significance of the story. While the narrative itself is very compelling, it also includes many important vignettes from those connected to Terry Lakin, helping to reinforce and put the whole story in context.

One must ask a single question of this military doctor. Terry Lakin has had a long and distinguished career, including service in a combat theater. He is willing to put his career and his life on the line for his beliefs. What is so important as to make this individual act when others remain quiet? My gut reaction is that it must be something very significant.

Officer's Oath contains many resources backing up Terry Lakin's story of why he felt a need to "protect and defend." He tells us why he stood up when others cowered. It wasn't a convenient decision for Terry to speak out, it was the right one. He believes deeply in the oath he swore as a military officer and has paid a heavy price for his patriotism.

This book leaves me asking many questions about our country. What are the consequences for this nation? Can it happen again? If we are not allowed question authorities when something is amiss what is freedom going to look like in America? The Constitution is a divinely-inspired document written by our founding Fathers to keep us free from the power of a tyrannical government. If it can be tossed aside and rule is by man and not by law, where does that leave our children's generation? I am left with so many questions yet unanswered by Washington. I urge everyone to spend an evening with Terry's book and to draw your own conclusion.

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