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G. True
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I followed the story of Lt Col Terry Lakin from the beginning with great interest. One does not have to be a so-called "birther" to ask a very simple question : Why would our commander in chief allow a career Army officer to go to prison, rather than simply produce an original long-form birth certificate? Any rational person would consider this a legitimate question, and asking such a question does not make one a "birther".

I found Terry Lakin's story in this book to be riveting. The chapters that contain commentary from Jack Cashill and others are helpful in terms of putting Col Lakin's courageous stand in context.

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Learn More About Terry

Get the full story on Terry's case and background. Please visit the key sites that support his efforts.

The Terry Lakin Action Fund
This site provided support for Terry during his incarceration and post-release.

Safeguard Our Constitution
This site provided support for Terry's early legal action and through the court martial.