Robert Perrich: Are you still free? Do you still have the courage to maintain your freedom?

Book Review August 1, 2012
Robert Perrich

Today the Constitutional foundation of The United States of America is under threat. "Officer's Oath" by Terry Lakin, with Jack Cashill and David Mercaldo, records for all posterity the pursuit of truth by an American Soldier. All, who claim with pride, to be an American Citizen must read this book.

In an eloquent and professional manner the authors relate family and community gifts that give genesis to the early character development of Terry Lakin. The reader is moved through events, so common in all our lives, guiding Lakin to a career in medicine, our Armed Forces and ultimate unwavering commitment that our Constitution is the supreme law of our land.

In Lakins own words he shares the personal and legal issues faced during active duty in today's Army, ultimately leading to Court Martial, confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and separation from service to the United States following a distinguished career that brought great credit to himself and The United States Army.

Barack Hussein Obama and The United States Army will not be able to withstand future historical discovery regarding their actions because of this book. The Army, Military Justice System, not only failed Lakin, more importantly it failed itself as an organization. The Army's reputation is the highest it has ever been with the American public. A career combat veteran and medical officer is "branded" and sent outside the fortress gates. Terry Lakin is not a criminal.

Mercy, the mission Terry Lakin brought to the sons and daughters of our Nation in the defense of freedom and liberty, was not offered to him by the Convening Authority of the Court Martial. This book reveals, for the first time in our history (in the legal arena), how the Army as an organization has diminished itself in the eyes of the American public.

All readers will be personally and emotionally moved. They will grasp without reservation, with resolute determination and the importance of "Officer's Oath." If you put this book in historical perspective imagine it is 1863, a Colonel in The Union Army asks a simple question seeking only the truth. The American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution give each of us the right to question those to whom we loan power and to assess how they are spending our money and whether they really represent us.

Lakin's unwanted court martial was followed because of his "Officer's Oath," which he swore to, becoming a commissioned officer of the armed forces of the United States. In an endearing manner the reader is privilege to the intelligent mind of a remarkable man. The reader comes to understand his actions, commitment, character and covenant to God to defend the Constitution of the United States.

Personal Comments

What was engaging? Personally, that Terry and I were on active duty for a short period of time together. I fought a battle like Terry, just a different time and place. I so related to his story and value system. It answered many questions I had about what Terry was doing, thinking, and going through when I was speaking with his parents at their dinner table in Greeley, Colorado. What was especially engaging was the fact that I understand the Army Military Justice System. The Army failed. Terry Lakin was not allowed discovery.

What moved you emotionally? Terry's spiritual change or perhaps one should say movement. For him, his oath of office went from an affirmation of oath—to a covenant with God. That is powerful! I saw and sensed this spiritual peace within Terry the first time I met him while he was confined at Ft. Leavenworth. The biggest shock for me was the female deputy commander stating to Terry, words to the effect."You didn't seem to have a problem with a white President." This is a commissioned officer who is NOT a champion of fair play. It was individual and institutional racism. What really moved me is Terry's grace in telling the story in a respectful manner—enough integrity and character to overflow the Marina Trench in the Challenger Deep at 35,814 feet below sea level. Went back and read my letter to MG Horst the Convening and Review Authority for Terry's Court Martial. For a moment I wanted to cry, because the horse I had in Terry's race, as I told him before, was to determine if the Army I knew was still the same Army I spent 21 years in---It is NOT! That is a serious concern for our Nation. Another thing that really moved me was at the Pentagon when Terry subordinated his personal interests for a cadet who needed a physical to go to flight school—You have to be a soldier to fully understand what motivated Terry to willingly help the future of our Army. The best weapon in a leader's arsenal is example. Terry set a stellar example in all actions, at all times—this is leadership !!!!

What call of action did you take from the book? To place in a "time capsule" Officer's Oath, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, copy of the U.S. Constitution and copy of the 85 articles of The Federalist Papers, 77 of which were published between October 1787 and August 1788. Bury them in my back yard, deep as I can dig a hole. If our Nation be destroyed, perhaps a future patriot will recognize these documents as man's greatest gift to himself and all humanity. Terry Lakin understands this! He pledged his life, fortune and sacred honour for others, as did our founding fathers. Also I intend to send a copy of Officer's Oath to Colorado Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, along with Representative Cory Gardner. Writing a letter to these guys too about the United Nations Small Arms treaty as a threat to our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms as U.S. citizens, a specific RIGHT under the Constitution.

What was your response to essays, vignettes, and cartoons? They only convinced me again, from day one, that Barack Hussein Obama and Michel Obama are at a minimum, domestic enemies of The United States of America. Further that our media outlets no longer observe the Professional Journalism Creed of 1906. In their Constitutional right to freedom of press and speech, they disregard their responsibilities to insure the maintenance of freedom and liberty, by providing fair and accurate reporting with integrity. Great photos of Terry in action and his family—not over done—nice. This story is not over, it is only beginning.

How will this change your efforts leading up the 2012 elections? Only makes my commitment stronger, to articulate tactfully, why Obama is bad for America. He is not stupid—but he is a liar. From the book, I have memorized Alan Keys quote, “Are you still free? Do you still have the courage to maintain your freedom?” This will be shared with others every day to election day in November 2012 and beyond.

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