Officer's Oath: The Contributors

Former LTC Terry Lakin

TerryFramePhoto200 Lieutenant Colonel Lakin received military orders in late February 2011 for deployment to Afghanistan, including a requirement that he provide "copies of his birth certificate." Lt. Col. Lakin is prepared to provide a certified copy of his certification of vital record that lists his birth hospital, physician's name and other key information. He has provided this document for many other required processes, such as his commissioning into the military as an officer, his security clearance and his marriage license. He is not only the highest-ranking active-duty officer to go public over this controversy, he is also the first active-duty officer to do so. Terry was court-martialed for his pursuit of confirmation of Barack Obama's eligibility to act as commander of our armed services. Learn more about Terry at

Jack Cashill

Within the last decade Jack has written six books of non-fiction: First Strike, Ron Brown's Body, Hoodwinked, Sucker Punch, What's the Matter with California, and Deconstructing Obama. Three of his books have cracked Amazon's top ten list. Jack has produced a score of documentaries for regional PBS and national cable channels, including the Emmy Award–winning The Royal Years. Jack has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Purdue University, has taught media and literature at Purdue and at Kansas City area universities, and served as a Fulbright professor in France. Learn more about Jack at Cashill headshot200a

David Mercaldo

DavidMercaldoweb200x200 David Mercaldo, who holds a PhD in childhood neurological behavior, is a prolific writer on such topics as education, politics, finance and drama, and travels nationwide as a motivational speaker to schools, colleges, civic organizations and business groups. This educator, playwright and author has given us such acclaimed works as Ferry (as in Staten Island), Seamstress, and now a children's book, Little Boy Boo (the adventures of a Yorkshire terrier who thought he was a boy). Learn more about David at

Marco Ciavolino

Marco Ciavolino, who holds a ThM, was engaged by the original law firm to provide technology support for the court-martial. He has continued to support Terry's case by overseeing the websites, communications, and the book. He has been working in general marketing-communications since 1984 and has provided a wide range of services to his clients including design, project management, application development, technology research, event management, logistics, web development, photography, radio and video (live and recorded), and campaign management for Republican candidates. Learn more about Marco at  

Key Participants in Terry's Case

  • A Note about Sheriff Joe Arpaio
  • Michael New: An American Soldier Who Refused to Be a Mercenary
  • David Mercaldo, PhD: Voices Crying in the Wilderness
  • Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III: A Republic... do or die!
  • Daria Novak: Are we on the road to political China?
  • Ed Noonan: Terrorists got more constitutional protection than Terry did.
  • Sarah Redd: I started out as a Democrat.
  • Rock Peters: You can't run a country on personality.
  • Patra Minocha: Political activism is not some sort of competitive sport.
  • Theresa Cao: Sometimes truth shouts from the mountaintops!
  • Gordon Smith: Terry is the best-kept secret in America.
  • Rudy Davis: I see the world through the grid of my faith.
  • Brent Morehouse: Americans have been asleep.
  • David Moxley: The least I can do is let Terry tell his story.
  • Linda M.: I'm aghast at the ambivalence of the American people.
  • The Reverend David Manning: Everybody in Congress knows this man is a fraud!
  • Jerome R. Corsi, PhD: Can our military raise a legal question?
  • Catherine 'Kate' Vandemoer, PhD: God had a great deal to do with the Constitution.
  • Greg Lakin, DO, JD: I believe what my brother did was an act of patriotism!
  • Lt. Col. Robert A. Perrich: Terry is in a war, and I'm fighting alongside him!
  • Margaret 'Ducky' Hemenway: This issue is one of paramount national importance.
  • Joseph Farah: We're in trouble in America! We?re losing our respect for the rule of law.
  • Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely: I don't think justice for Terry will come to pass.
  • Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney: I'm proud of Terry! He did what he felt he had to do.
  • Cmdr. Charles Kerchner (Ret): I've got deep roots in this country and I?m not leaving!
  • Capt. Pamela Barnett (Ret): Our freedoms are at stake at this point.
  • Jim and Peggy DeJarnatt: We need to get the message out!
  • Orly Taitz, Esq.:'I believe [Obama] is the most dangerous thing one can imagine.'
  • Miki Booth: He's shredding the Constitution.
  • Sharon Rondeau: We need to restore the rule of law.
  • Peter Boyles: We still have no answers. The questions are still enormous!
  • Maj. Stefan F. Cook: I Made the Decision.
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Learn More About Terry

Get the full story on Terry's case and background. Please visit the key sites that support his efforts.

The Terry Lakin Action Fund
This site provided support for Terry during his incarceration and post-release.

Safeguard Our Constitution
This site provided support for Terry's early legal action and through the court martial.